We know that the houses are a world by themselves, that each one varies depending on the taste and style of its inhabitants, that is why we find them of one, two or three floors, built on the basis of wood, concrete, with more or fewer windows. However, what could you say about the roof? The tiles often go unnoticed among the common plates that have been taking the panorama of different buildings, however, it is an element of construction that does not go out of style and that has a lot of potential so that you can highlight your spaces. The tile dates back to the time of the Greeks and its shape varies depending on the type of climate where it will be located since they are capable of channelling rainwater, snow and also hail.

Let’s know 5 types of tiles by Roofing Toronto so you can know their difference and choose the one that best suits your roof.

1- The traditional

Let’s start this book of ideas with the most traditional tile of all and you’ve surely seen more than once. This tile is made of terracotta and has an elongated and curved shape. Roofing Toronto installation consists of putting one of these tiles face up while the other will face upside down and the line will be constructed, as can be seen in the photograph. The usefulness of this type of tile is that the water runs down, does not stay on the roof and reaches the ground directly.

2- Revival type

With a much older appearance, this type of tile is also made of baked clay. The big difference with the first type of tile is that in this case the inverted tile is not used, that is to say, the one that goes under is not used in this type of roof. Less material is used but it is equally resistant because when installing each of the tiles, the water will fall on the curved side, will not filter and will also reach its destination, the ground. Recommended: meet the best roof installers so that your roof is impeccable like Roofing Toronto.

3- The Welsh

This type of tile is a bit more complex and less easy to find than the previous ones. It is of a flat type that is used mainly in more modern houses, its size is medium and is characterized by being textured and with an edge at its ends. The final result is as seen in the image, cleanliness and style.

4- English tiles

As in the previous tile, this type is a flat one that is usually used in modern homes that want to incorporate such an outstanding element such as tiles. In the case of the English is a clay tile that is smooth but has lines that give a characteristic touch. They can be found in various colours, as shown in the photograph.

5- Flat bark tile

To finish this book of ideas we have the flat bark tile, which unlike the first specimens were seen, is characterized by being completely flat, and made of wood, elongated and with a circular closure on its ends. It is a vitrified piece, so you should not be afraid that the water will cross it because it is impermeable. It is in solid colours as you can appreciate in the photograph.

Another type of roof for houses is the gable roof. This type of roof is ideal if you live in an area where it snows or rains continuously. If this is your case, perhaps this is the type of roof that suits you best. This type of roof is composed of two skirts or waters that are joined in the middle, the slope of it will depend on how often it snows or rains in the area where you live, because the worse the rainfall, the more inclined we must put this ceiling. Some of its advantages to emphasize are the following: it is a ceiling called hot; it is also easy, as well as cheap to build and finally; It is among the considered modern.

What did you think of these tiles? Knowing them will give you a range of ideas and possibilities to have at home, where you can choose the ones you like the most. There are millions of materials to make the roof, these vary in quality, strength, durability and price. From the aesthetic point of view, you can also choose if you want a roof of tiles, metal, wood or even glass. You must take into account that this is a decision you will make once because it is the basis of your home and must be in the right conditions to be durable and resilient.

And if you want to venture into your house with an innovative roof, do not miss reading 10 great Pergolas that make your home’s entrance look great. The most practical material for your construction will depend a lot on it. When the roofs are inclined, multiple pieces are recommended, such as clay or concrete tiles thermally insulate the roofs and protect them from the formation of mould. Although slate tiles are also highly recommended, they tend to have a higher cost than the previous ones. Metallic ceilings are also practical and adapt easily to the structure, they are light, resistant and you get them in different colours and designs. Why don’t you have a look at Roofing Toronto.

With which of them do you stay? Do not forget to comment on this book of ideas and share it on your social networks!

Have you ever heard about green roofs? Placing the garden on your roof can be an excellent option. These ceilings with plants are ideal because they do not require much maintenance, and provide benefits to the environment. This idea consists of creating green spaces and planting plants in shallow places. If you want to have a wide variety of plants, you should take into account that you will need to dedicate more time to their maintenance. Otherwise, when you only plant a few plants, you generally do not need to rely so much on care, you do not even need irrigation supplies, because the plants that bloom there adapt much better to the conditions of temperature and humidity.