Taking weed is nothing too big these days. It has become one of the easiest drugs to avail of. In fact, it is so commonly reachable that a major chunk of the population has fallen into its lure. However, what do you do when you need to remove weed from your system? Read ahead to know more and step by step procedures right from www.exit-5.net.

How does the consumption of weed affect your body?

First of all, you must know the mechanism which plays out when you actually smoke weed. What happens is that the instant you take a puff, it reportedly puts THC metabolites into your system. This has been proven time and again by research and specialists who have been operating in this field since long. These THC metabolites make their way to your urine, your hair and also your blood cells, that is essentially your blood. This is why, those who need to face a drug test immediately or within a very short span after the intake, they must know that passing a urine test ethically is a little difficult. It takes time to get cleared out of your system. The four most common types of drug tests that are usually organized an executed by employees is urine test, blood test, hair test and oral fluids test.

  1. Hair: Being one of the most common ways to test the consumption of weed, you must know that THC metabolites can remain in your hair strands for nothing less than a span or duration of 90 days.
  2. Urine: This is a form of drug test that is used by almost all firms and enterprises. However, it is also very uncertain because in case second hand smoke is taken it, THC may leave your urine within just 22 minutes. If enough weed is smoked, then it is likely to stay back till 30 days.
  3. Blood/Oral fluids: If you are someone who is addicted to taking weed and takes large amounts of it, then please note that THC is most probably going to remain with you for approximately 2 weeks.

What is synthetic urine and how can you use it to escape urine drug test?

Now, I am sure you must have heard of synthetic urine. But, what is it exactly? Actually, it is just fake urine. That is the simplest explanation that I can come up with to make you understand about it. There are a lot of companies who feel your pain and how does difficult it is to pass urine drug tests. This is why they make synthetic urine. It is basically a liquid which looks and is colored like urine. In fact, the smell and also the chemical properties are just like that of actual urine. This means that even if you need to go for the test, you simply need to pour in the fake urine and hand it over to your boss. They will obviously not be able to find any traces of weed in it.

However, do not get too happy knowing this. This is because you need to be very careful regarding the synthetic urine that you pick. It often happens that users are caught instantly because either the product is too liquid like or it is too perfect to be genuine. This is the reason why two companies that you may pick and be able to rely on with closed eyes are Sub Solution and Quick Fix.

Can detox pills and detox drinks help to pass drugtests at work?

Another very useful way through which you can pass drug tests at work is the use of detox pills. Detox is the short form of detoxification. The primary aim of any detox regime is to cleanse your body and get rid of any toxic or harmful materials that are there in their body. The same work is done by detox pills to pass drug tests. They help you to eliminate all traces of drugs from your body. You can take detox pills as well as detox drinks. However, please note that this does not happen instantly. There is a proper course that you need to follow and complete in order to be sure that your work is done. That is what is also stated by www.exit-5.net.

Another reason why detox drinks are preferred is that some of these actually have the capacity to temporarily stop the THC metabolites from being released into your urine. What happens is that a gap for some hours is created. This way, you get the opportunity to easily go for your urine test and then be back to normal. If you ask for my personal recommendations, then I would like to suggest Mega Clean as the first one and the second option being XXtra Clean Rescue Cleanse. Both the products are for different types or smokers and must be taken accordingly only.

Detox pills: Detox pills work the best when you have at least 5 to 10 days before taking the drug test. It is actually more of a long-term solution in contrast to detox drinks which provide a very temporary solution and do not last for long. A personal recommendation in this case too will be Toxin Rid. This is because of a number of reasons that you will know gradually as and when you read ahead. The best part about Toxin Rid is that is helps you to flush out all the drug remains that are there in your body. Also, it is available in a number of packages that you can easily pick from. While their longest program is for a period of 10 days, there are other shorter programs also that last for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 days respectively.

Home drug test:

After you have tried either of the above stated method, you must opt for a home drug test. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your urine is clean. The best part about these is that they are highly affordable and easy to use so you can know if there are any drug remains within you. The best way to go about it is to refer to www.exit-5.net.