Filtration is one of the determining factors for your aquarium’s success. Rate the filtering as the Lung or Heart of the Aquarium. It is through the filtration that we will have clean and quality water, leaving it crystalline, odorless and habitable for fish and plants of all kinds. In nature, water is renewed at all times, where waste is rapidly decomposed and diluted. In the aquarium, a closed system and with little water, this does not occur, being able to become an extremely toxic environment in the short term. The best is to opt for the canister filter.

These residues include ammonia released from leftover debris, unconsumed food and other decomposing materials. Even in small numbers, ammonia will kill your fish quickly. Obviously that excessive feeding, too many fish or large fish in little space, coupled with poor filtration, the probability of ammonia arising is quite a bit. To do so, you will need efficient filtration to maintain water quality.

The need to invest in an efficient and functional filtering:

We can state with accuracy that most of the causes of diseases and diseases in our fish occur due to problems with water quality, so do not think about saving on this item. It is commonly recommended to have a filter with flow between 5 and 10 times the total capacity of the aquarium per hour (L / h), but there are many variations depending on the species of fish you own or types of filters. For small and medium sized fish this rule can be used, but for large fish or aquarium with many fish, it is ideal to use a base above the indicated one. Note that the size of the filter is equally important, as are the filter elements used in it.

Ex. For a 200L aquarium, with small to medium sized fish, we must have a minimum flow of 1000L / h. If this same aquarium contains a little more fish or large fish, we must have a minimum flow of 2,000L / h. Now at us you find a wide variety of filters for all types of aquarium or fish tank. Within this variety, the most sophisticated and suitable filters for large aquariums are canister or external filters. With this text you will be able to know the bases of the filtration with this type of baskets and to solve your doubts about the external filters and their operation.

What is a Canister filter for aquarium?

Canister filter is simply a filter that works externally with a basket system. The water leaves the aquarium through a hose, goes through the filter and returns through another hose thanks to a motor that is included.

How does a Canister filter?

The canister filter is a vacuum cleaner with a basket system, in which the filter materials of your choice are placed. Thanks to these materials you will have a biological and mechanical filtration that will allow you to have crystal clear water and no odors in your aquarium. It gives greater comfort for the fish and less maintenance for the owner.

What are the advantages of a canister filter?

The biggest advantage is its filtration space and its power. With more filter space you will have more nitrifying bacteria and more dirt will be trapped. Maintenance will be less frequent and much easier. The cleaning of a canister is another of its advantages, being external, you do not need to introduce your hands in the aquarium and disturb the fish, in addition to mobilize it will not wet your house or dirty the water with the movement of waste. As the canister pumps are very good, the water stays well oxygenated and therefore the fish in better condition. For which aquariums is a canister necessary? It can be used in any aquarium, but it is recommended for spaces of more than 80 liters. The larger a more necessary aquarium is, the more powerful and easy to maintain a filter.

How often is a canister cleaned? That depends on many factors, but in general it is cleaned once a month.

What kind of fish does a canister work for?

All fish can live in an aquarium with water filtered by canister; our recommendation is to use it in any aquarium that has more than 80 liters.

The best canister filters:

Fluval tank filters

The Fluval MSF External canister Filters line of external tank filters provides complete filtration for most aquariums. Multiple internal filter modules allow the use of a variety of filter media to provide optimum water quality. Among the many features and benefits offered by these filtering systems are. The Aqua Stop cannon valves have been incorporated to eliminate the maintenance of the Aqua Stop. Additionally, the second lever allows adjusting the flow, allowing the use of larger models in small aquariums or the convenient reduction of flow during feeding. Baskets with multiple filter materials. A large variety of these materials can be easily installed or removed to provide optimal conditions for most types of aquariums.

  • Stacking system on shelves fast and easy to start.
  • Opaque ribbed hose that bends and flips easily without kinking making installation and removal easier while supporting better water flow.
  • Easy and fast maintenance.

Fluval FX5

The Fluval FX5 offers unparalleled filtration power and maximum versatility to design your aquarium. The multiphase system allows you to use up to 8 different types of material simultaneously, and in any configuration you wish to give, providing infinite flexibility to create and maintain the ideal environment for your aquatic inhabitants. The FX5 filter also offers incomparable ease-of-use features such as:

  • Click-fit connections that only press to seal.
  • Aqua-stop valves so you can perform routine maintenance without cutting the vacuum of the system. (No need to disassemble the hoses.)
  • Innovative grippers that allow the baskets to be lifted completely and extracted to change or clean the filtering material.
  • A drain (and an extra valve) so you can empty the tank easily without moving or lifting the heavy tank full of water.