Who doesn’t like a strategy oriented game? One such hugely popular multiplayer online strategy game is Clash of Clans, a freemium game developed by Supercell. The freemium states that it is completely free to play and has in-app purchases to advance in the game quickly. The game was originally developed for the iOS devices back in August 2012 but was later also released for the android platform devices in October 2013. It’s a fantasy village clan game where the player is crowned as the leader of the clan and has to carry forward his/her clan ahead and jump in high ranks.

Its basic concept is that you go out here build your territory and gather resources along the way. But you have to be extremely careful and vary as the better you rake, the more desires will be invoked among other opponent clans. Hence, it won’t take much long before you may get terribly attacked and have to strive to defend your clan. But you also can got out there and attack other clans, conquer their villages and cash-in all the resources which can be used to improve your own territory and troops. The online platform lets you battle around with players from around the globe and test your defence skills along with offence skills. The competition is huge but with the proper strategy you can conquer the mightiest opponent out there. Now, if you find the opponent to be too powerful to be defeated, join forces with other clans and battle together. You can participate in Clan wars and enjoy the benefit of sending and receiving troops from other players along with communicating with other players and discussing your strategy.

Currencies and Resources:

Basically, there are four currencies or so called resources in the game being the gold, jewels along with the dark and bright elixirs. The gold and elixirs can be used to build or renew your defences to protect you clan against attacks from the opponent clans. Elixirs, have everything that is related to troops from their training to the spells and improving them and the wizards. The jewels are the main currency unit of the game and can either be bought or generated in the game. If you are willing to advance quickly in the game, they are your best bets or else play the game completely for free. In fact, it is rated 4.5 stars in the Google play store and is also one of the most trending and downloaded game in the App store for years.

Once you reset to play, it is all about defending, attacking and winning your clan. Your winning chances depend upon your strength of the troops. You can be awarded a maximum of three starts per war divided according to the destruction caused. If you manage the city of the opponent clan, 1 star is awarded, next, a 50% destruction of the opponent awards you with another star and finally the total annihilation of the buildings can get you an additional of 2 stars. When defending its important to strengthen your clan by upgrading them as it’s the mark of your success in the rakes. When attacking, plan and train your troops according to the strategy and therefore improve your chances of winning. For a win to be declared, at least 50% of the opposite clan needs to be destructed.

Generate more resources:

It can hence be perceived that jewels are the most important resource of the game but rarely do you get them for free in the game or maybe you need to use real money to obtain them. It leaves you with no choice but to purchase them and are an expensive buy and hard to obtain. An alternative is actually being patient and waiting in the game and fortunately if you have found a random gem box, good luck. It can take about days or weeks to find them and even if you’re lucky you still fall short of upgrading resources, defence and the town hall. That’s the reason many players look for better alternatives such as the clash of clan’s tools.

  • If you’re looking for any tools to generate them, you can find many vendors out there in a market. But most of them are prone to be distributing malicious software and retrieve personal information without consent. Hence, it is advised to be extremely careful and not provide any sort of personal information.
  • But surely every now and then, you shall find a new guide and tools to new and more resources on the Google search. But, mostly, they are known to be outdated and being inflicted with malware that can be hazardous.
  • There are ways and sites that can provide you with all resources you need without requiring the personal information and not contaminating your device with malware. It’s the easiest way to obtain free jewels, elixir and gold. Just go and accelerate in your game progress and increase your stakes. It’s not hours of waiting but shall be credited within an instance of few minutes.

You should visit site and enhance your progress in the game. The anti-ban technologies implemented by these sites aren’t found anywhere. They value user security as the top priority and constantly update their database with new testing by security analysts and beta testers. Hence, be able to skip the boring building part of the game and let your clan be the most successful one. These cloud based tools as they are being constantly updated. The new resource updates that are pushed out by Supercell and Clash of clans is monitored and maintained. These sites also make sure that they go undetected with their mechanisms with latest security measures to protect the user account and not let it be affected by any sort of trouble from the developers. There are millions of users in the world who opt for these techniques.

  • Use the tool from anywhere around the world with no location bearings.
  • Play and implement the tool on any deice and platform that the game supports.