Travelling and writing is a lifestyle many people dream off. It requires a lot more than just packing up and hoping everyone loves your travel posts. Guest posts are a way to expose your travel experiences and your own website. Eventually, you will be able to explore this world and travel full-time.

There are numerous websites that accept guest posts from travellers but simply submitting a pitch is not enough, You have to stand out and be better than the other pitches in order to get exposure, and money.

Focus On The Writing – Not Money

You might not think so but pitches that are created with the desire to be paid rarely get published, or get published on websites that do not care about the quality. The heart and soul you put into your posts will show.
Write about experiences that moved or changed you while travelling instead of tips for travellers thousands of other websites already did.

Write About Your Own Experiences

Anyone can Google what to in Thailand but if you’re actually been there and have personal experiences and tips for travellers the quality goes up substantially. There is always something new in this world to see or experience and no amount of reading up on it will help you portray a captivating story that will come close to something you’ve experienced yourself.

Use Your Own Photos

A picture says a thousand words; your own just serves as proof the article you’re writing is your own original content. This shows the editor the experience is yours and you’re more likely to get published by a credible website. Make sure you send pictures with good quality, spend a little time on editing and coordinating colors so that the pictures go with your that captivating story you’ve been dying to tell. Make sure, you visit, which is really good and can give you some good leads.

Take Your Time

You can write a generic list post in half an hour or you can write a masterpiece and take your time. Read it over and over again to make sure your writing is captivating, easy to digest and grammatically correct. Make sure you’re singing your name on to quality content and not just click-bait garbage full of errors that will ruin your chances of ever becoming a good, respectable travel writer. Make sure, that you visit, which gives you lots of good information on this subject and help you to understand the process better.

Practice Patience

Everyone is different and not everyone will enjoy your writing. Don’t take it personally, just keep going. Some people love to read about luxury travel and some are more on the backpacker budget, you can’t please everyone. The important thing is that you are happy with what you put out there and that your content is your own thoughts.

Read Other Travel Blogs

Read where other people have been and what they have to say. Reading always makes your own writing better. You can see what successful travel writers did to get there. Your motivation and discipline will help you a whole lot more than just talent. Talent can only get you in the room but hard work and discipline let you own it.

Be Original

This should go without saying, use your own content. Anyone can run your article through Copyscape, or any other available programs out there, and find out you’ve stolen someone’s content, what good will that do? Don’t take someone else’s words and re-write them as your own as well, you will get caught. Maybe you get lucky once or twice but eventually you will get caught and be back on square one – cold pitching.

Be Open To Constructive Critism

Writing is easy, all you have to do is sit and let your soul bleed out right? Then someone comes and tells you that you need to change a few things and it hurts. Learn to take criticism as a tool to improve rather than a personal attack. No one is out to get you or hates your writing. Editors want to make sure the content they are putting out on their website is the best possible. It’s nothing personal so don’t take it that way.

Rinse and Repeat

Use these pointers all the time, repeat them for everyone you work with and you’re sure to build an author name for yourself and get repeat business, exposure and good feedback. Your content will only get better with time but editors will love to work with you for your professionalism and good nature. If you don’t agree with something that’s being asked from you, don’t do it. It is better to say no right away then back out when other people are counting on you.