All of us are aware that smoking tobacco products are injurious to our health. Even the manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco stuffs mention this message on their brand package. Why that is that even after knowing about the ill effects of smoking people are still not able to stop themselves from taking a puff every now and then?

Have you ever given it a thought as to what kind of pleasure do the smokers get by puffing from a pot of cannabis? Only a marijuana lover would be knowing the answer to this question. Well let’s not talk about how bad smoking is and what can happen if you don’t stop doing it. Rather let’s take a look from the perspective of a smoker and come to know as to how you can make this experience better and pleasurable.

Ever heard about glass pipes? It has nothing to do with whether you smoke or not so don’t get all hazy. Just like any other product sold in the open market, glass pipes are used for the purpose of smoking tobacco or cannabis in a quite convenient and classy manner. Interested in buying one? So better you get your facts clear first before buying these products that are available in different shapes, sizes, designs and colors.

How are the glass pipes made?

Crafting or manufacturing an elegant glass or smoking pipe requires great deal of skills which only experienced craftsmen have. The hard work of the craftsmen is what gives these glass pipe an attractive and sleek design. These glass pipes, unlike the traditional smoking pipes, does not have different filtration systems and percs. A long tube of glass is taken by the craftsmen who then cuts or break it into various sections, each of which measures close to 4 inches in length.

With the help of various techniques or methods the craftsmen then start decorating the different sections of the glass tube. From dichroic to fuming as well as caning, these are some of the names associated with the process of designing or decorating the glass pipe. Depending on the guidelines as mentioned by the manufacturer, the craftsmen undertakes any one of the above mentioned techniques into practice.

After the decoration is done, these glass pipes are heated at a very high temperature and simultaneously the neck of the pipe is stretched to give it a proper shape. With the help of circular motion, the artists shape the glass tube. For flattening the glass bottom the pipe is pressed onto some sort of plate and then it if left to cool down.

Proper precaution is required:-

Preparing a specially designed glass pipe for smoking is not an easy process. It requires great deal of knowledge on the part of the craftsmen or glass artist who undertakes the work of preparing a fine piece of smoking pipe. The artists needs to be well-trained in relation to the different kinds of techniques that can put into use while manufacturing the pipe.

If you really are interested in buying a stylish glass pipe for yourself or for gifting it to a frined then one of the sites which can be of immense assistance to you is They offer a plethora of options to the viewers and all their products are widely acclaimed, both in terms of quality and price.

What kind of glass pipes are sold by LuxeProductsUSA?

LuxeProductsUSA offers not only typical bongs but more than that. They try to provide only quality items to the customers. A wide range of choices makes it convenient for the visitors to select the most suitable glass pipe. Prompt delivery, excellent and efficient customer service and diverse options of products make this website one of the most leading company worldwide.

Some basic range of glass pipes offered by LuxeProductsUSA are mentioned as follows:-

  • Novelty pipes:- Novelty pipes are handmade and have intricate or complex detailing done by the artists. These pipes can glow in dim light and can be customized as per the preference of the customer.
  • Spoon pipes:- The most regular design of glass pipe is known as Spoon pipes. They are divided into 4 different parts namely neck, carb, mouthpiece and bowl. The user have complete control as to how long they want to inhale from the pipe to enjoy the experience.
  • Chillum:- A chillum looks somewhat like a steamroller in shape. However, the mechanism or the way to use it is quite simple. There is no carb in a chillum whereas a steamroller does have it. When compared in terms of size, the chillum is much shorter than steamroller.

Smoking from a glass pipe offers the user a perfect chance to feel every puff with immense pleasure and enjoyments. It won’t be possible for you to understand this until you opt to try for purchasing a glass pipe.