There are steps involved when using vinyl cutter achieve a desirable result, one must make sure that all the steps are considered and followed very carefully. Cutting vinyl is not like printing pictures. Usually, vinyl cutting is more involving than picture printing. Below is the procedure or steps that you must follow to the letter when using a vinyl machine.

Art creation

You can create the art that you intend to be the final result of your project. Usually, a text is always the easiest kind of work to be cut by vinyl. You can simply type symbols or any letters to the cutting program. You can create your art by drawing shapes, and samples. Make sure that you have a clean vector because it is the most important part that you should never mess with. If it is an image, bringing it into the program involving cutting might mess up things.


Apart from the simple fonts in the windows, you can forge ahead and purchase additional fonts. You can also consider purchasing artwork. Usually, consider artwork that is a ready vector. Sometimes the art that we possess can be complex. If that is the case, you can always consider sending the work to a vendor outside. This will help in accurate vectorization. Apart from sending the workout, you can choose to use special software such as vector magic that can help you with your artwork. To read more on fonts and vectorization, you can find reviews on milanclothing blog.

Take your work to a cutter program

After you are done with your art and vectorization, it will be time to now take the work to the cutter program. Obviously, you will have created your work from artists such as the illustrator or Corel Draw. To make it a success, importation to the vinyl cutter machine will be needed. There are different types of vinyl cutter program available to use. The programs are important because they help lay your artwork on your vinyl. They will also create weeding lines, frames, columns layers and also cuts. Then after it has done all the checking and different important functions, the program will send the command to the vinyl cutter machine. The command is usually to make a cutting.

Connect the machine

There are different ways of connecting your vinyl cutter machine. This is because, the machines differ its type, brand or make. When connecting your vinyl machine, make sure that you do it correctly. Today, many vinyl cutter machines are able to connect to computers using a USB cable. The connection between the computer and the cutter is very important. This will determine if the project will be successful or not. To make a final cut, make sure that your cutter is in the online mode. Also, make sure to test cut before doing the final cut.


To have a final cut, you will be needing a material for your end product. The material is simply fed into the cutter machine. When setting the material, make sure that the material is stable enough. This is very important to avoid getting a cut that is wrong or tearing. To have more insight on how you should feed your vinyl material into the machine, consider reading reviews on milanclothing blog.

Blade selection and setting

This is a very important part of all process. If you will fail to set up the blade successfully and correctly, you might end up with tearing, no cut or poor cuts. Make sure that the level of the blade exposure matches the thickness of the blade. You can make it right by peeling off the vinyl first. After that, you can expose the vinyl backing. Then make sure that the blade holder is in a position that is down.

Test your machine

Testing is very important before ruining everything. You can send a cut to the machine for the purpose of that test. You can continue making these tests and making the necessary adjustments until you get desired results. You can increase the pressure in case there is no cut and you can also change how exposed your blade is. Do not be in a hurry, repeat the test as many times as possible and make sure that the machine is accurate and ready for the final cut.


Weeding is usually a very important step when it comes to vinyl cutting. It plays a very important role in coming up with the best final cut of the vinyl cut. You can achieve this by weeding all the text that you did cut. For more, see weeding reviews on milanclothing blog.

Make your cut

Send your artwork to the vinyl machine and make your cut. The time that is taken for a cut to be complete will depend on how complex the design and the work is. Simple work takes few minutes while complex work takes time to be completed.

Remove the cut

You should do this very carefully to avoid a tear. You can use the control panel to advance the roll. Make sure that the rollers are released then pull the vinyl. You can forge forward by trimming your vinyl from the rest of the roll. After that, you can do some weeding to your vinyl then apply a transfer tape.

Get the surface ready

You should get the surface ready by making sure that you clean it. You can use alcohol for the cleaning or use different cleaning agents. This is to make sure that the surface does not have grease or oil. After you have cleaned, you can transfer your artwork to the surface.


There are so many steps involved in making a vinyl artwork a success. Each and every step is very important especially when it is about getting the artwork right. To have a clear art, none of the steps should be skipped. Follow the order to have desirable results.