There are innumerable technical invocations that take place almost every now and then, some of these innovations are quiet fascinating but to understand them is not. Some of these innovations are just next level innovations as they have their own limitations. Radar detectors are one such technological innovation and evolution that has taken place, it is something that is really required while driving. Those who are into speeding and rash driving for them the radar detectors become a must. These radar detectors have the power to stop one from speeding. Speeding kills and looking at number of road accidents taking place these days, using a radar detector has become quiet necessary.

They are a good kind of investment as they let a driver drive without taking any stress and moreover it also boosts a person’s confidence while driving. There are a lot of driving hazards from which the radar detectors protect the car as well as the driver ; these radar detectors are affordable and are worth every penny that is spend on them.

The types of radar detectors

There are three types of radar detectors are famous and a person who is seriously thinking of installing one can buy:

  • There are the corded detectors that have to be mounted on the windshield of the car; those who want the best detection range should definitely buy the corded detector.
  • The cordless detectors are the easiest to be installed and are better than the corded detectors.
  • Then there are the remote mount detectors that have to be installed permanently to a vehicle through an easy installation process.

What to look for while buying radar detectors?

If you really want to get a proper knowledge about radar detectors then is the best website to visit. However there are some features of the radar detectors that you should know before getting one installed in your car:

  • Laser detector – Having a laser detector is a must while looking for the radar detector. A laser sensor in the detector can give a person a full view of the laser detector as detectors with laser sensor are quiet reliable.
  • Highway and city mode – Detectors with highway and city mode option are great. This is helpful as it doesn’t give false alarms and are perfect if one wants to drive in urban areas.
  • Shielded detectors – There are a lot of places where the use of detectors is illegal so shielded detectors are the best. One should look for detectors that are shielded and protected, because they cannot be detected.
  • Spectre – This is a radar detector technology that can find emissions from a radar detectors easily. Few radar detectors have the spectre invisibility so look for such models.
  • Voice and visual alerts – Detectors with voice and visual alerts are the best. These alerts help in giving a flash light which help in warning a person against any signal. Such detectors can also be kept quite when the fellow passengers are sleeping.
  • GPS technology – This is quite an important feature to look for and it is also quiet useful. The GPS device helps in communicating while the vehicle is on the move, they help in the measuring of speed and direction. The detectors that have GPS help in the right calculation of distance and the speed.
  • Smartphone compatibility – One feature that should be there in all the detectors; with this feature the radar can be integrated with the phone and help in sending out alerts.

Radar detectors with all these features are great for the vehicles as they can help and save one from hazardous accidents. has all the required information regarding such detectors.

The best detectors

If you want to buy radar detectors for your vehicle then there are a lot of great options to buy, have some of the best detectors to buy some of them are:

  • Cobra ESD7570 – The cobra ESD7570 is one of the radar detectors that one can buy; it gives 360 degree protection and has laser sensors and also teh spectre which is an added advantage. This detector has both the city and the highway modes which help in reducing the false threats and it also comes with a safety alert system.
  • Escorts passport S55 – This is a high performing radar detector that is known for its all round performance. This is built with a webcam and a video and audio mode that can be mounted on windshield. It also has an auto sensitivity mode which helps in the identification of threats. This detector also helps in accessing speed in case one is travelling on an unidentified road.
  • Max 360 – One of the largest detectors, it offers excellent performance and has a number of features. It comes with the following features like directional alerts, auto setting and a GPS technology which provides utmost safety to the vehicle.
  • Escort IX – An intelligent and high performing radar detector that gives a boost to the drivers that are there on the road. It has a threat detector that is helpful in detecting false alarms and it also comes with a GPS technology.
  • Escort solo S3 – This is a radar detector that has two AA batteries and is a cordless radar detector that can be easily mounted on the windshield or on the dashboard. This is best for those who keep changing their cars quiet often; this detector can be easily switched between two cars and it also has a GPS alert option.

So if you are really looking for a good radar detector then these are some of the best detectors that you can buy. They have all the required features that are important and should be there in a radar detector. Buy a radar detector if you want to be safe and secure while driving, it is best for those who travel frequently from one town to another. In case of any query you can visit