When we had the opportunity to visit Singapore, we were very prejudiced because we thought it was an expensive destination. We were also worried about having to stay for 10 days as we thought that it might have been a good idea to take advantage of and visit some other destination in Asia. But all these prejudices disappeared when we started to organize the route and the things we wanted to see. Singapore has a lot of things to see. Travelling to Singapore is travelling to one of the most attractive and modern cities in Southeast Asia. Also you must see Singapore Food.

South of the peninsular part of Malaysia, Singapore is a perfect destination to spend two or three days on a scale to another place. Its international airport connects with several European cities and with many Asians. Finishing a trip to Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia with a stay in Singapore is a perfect way to end that tour of Asia. But what do we have to know to travel to Singapore? What do we need to take with us? Is it easy to move around this small country and see Singapore Food.

Facts about Singapore

CAPITAL: Singapore

LANGUAGE: Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English Chinese coexist in Singapore as official languages.

CURRENCY: Singapore dollar

POPULATION: 5,600,000

RELIGION: 42% of the population is Buddhist, 15% Muslim, 14% Christian and approximately 8% are Taoist.

POLITICAL REGIME: Parliamentary Republic

When we started doing the route we saw and discovered that there were many things to see in Singapore and that there were free things. Organized the route we saw that both the lodging and the food was excessively expensive. There were cheap and central hostels, food centres – Hawker Centers for € 2 per meal and you could even eat for free. Amazing, right? Everyone says that Singapore is an expensive place. Singapore Food affirms and certifies that it can be an expensive place, but Singapore is a place of contrasts where the modern mixes with the traditional and luxury with the autochthonous.

Eat and drink through Singapore Food

They say Singapore is an expensive city. And there is no lack of reason to who says it. It must be clear that eating or drinking in this country has nothing to do with doing it in Malaysia or Thailand. Everything here is much more expensive. But there are so many restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the city that you can always find a good place to eat for little money. And those places are always far from the most tourist areas.

What to eat in Singapore- Singapore Food:

These are the typical dishes that you have to try in the country. If you go to the Tourist Office, they will probably give you a brochure in which they all appear:

  • Asian style salad If you are like in China Town you will take fresh fruits and vegetables. However, in the Indian restaurant, they add different fried ingredients.
  • Roti Prata. It is a kind of cake that is filled with fruits, vegetables, eggs or any other ingredient. Then spread with different sauces.
  • Fried Carrot Cake. It’s what the name says: a fried carrot cake. There is a black variety, sweeter, and a white one.
  • Char kway teow. A dish that mixes sweet and salty! It is made with rice, Chinese noodles, egg, prawns and clams.
  • Bak Kut Teh. It really is difficult for anyone to try this dish with the heat it makes in Singapore. It is a soup with pork broth, spices, and garlic and pork ribs.
  • Fish head curry. Fish heads stewed in a curry sauce and served with vegetables.
  • Laksa it’s a curry with Chinese rice noodles. The sauce is spicy and carries prawns and clams.

Chicken Rice. Rice with chicken, a dish characteristic of Singapore! Have a look at the Singapore Food.

Although these are typical dishes of Singapore, in the country you can taste dishes from around the world. There are plenty of restaurants. Italian, Malay, Chinese or European food can be found in the city.

Where to eat in Singapore?

The Food Courts would be the most elegant version of the hawkers. They can be found in shopping malls or in a building that has a tourist attraction. To their credit, they have air conditioning and are more comfortable. They are also somewhat more expensive than the previous ones, although they are still quite affordable. Again the desserts or the drinks have to be bought in places other than those of the food. And finally, if we are in Singapore we can eat in one of its many restaurants. The neighbourhood where this is will tell us the type of food we can eat in it. If you want to eat a biryani, you have to go to Little India. If you prefer falafel, you will have to look for it in a restaurant in Kampong Glam. And if what you want is Chinese food, you know: you’ll have to go to Chinatown.

There are luxurious restaurants, others with beautiful terraces by the river and many with a decoration according to their environment. There are expensive and cheap. With very extensive letters and others that offer only a handful of dishes. I leave here the name of two restaurants that I liked. Have a look at the Singapore Food.

Zam Zam. This restaurant in Kampong Glam has been open since 1908. It is a simple place full of young and not so young people from the neighbourhood. You just have to sit at one of their tables and order a delicious salty omelette. There are stuffed with fish, chicken, veal or lamb. They do not serve beer or have cold drinks; they are always served with ice.

First Thai Food!

We found this restaurant by chance walking to our hotel. It’s on Purvis St, a lively street full of restaurants. After going through the whole we opted for this. It might be the simplest of all, without air conditioning but very lively. His menu is so wide that the problem is to choose among all his Thai dishes. Singapore Food are fast, the food is good and the final price is economical.