What could be the cause of the car running out of battery at such an inopportune time? The most common is to have left the radio on, the lights of the car or any other device that depends on the battery. Anyway, to restart your car when it has run out of battery, you have several options to choose from:

Drive the car down a slope down

It consists of applying the principles of kinetics: among several people, you have to push the car downhill and try to start it at the same time. This option will work in case the battery has a little charge, but the battery life will reach little more than 15 minutes. It is enough to move the car to a place where it can receive better treatment.

Replace the battery with a new one

One option that we will always have at hand is to contact our insurance to take the car to the workshop where we will change the battery for a new one. Until a few years ago, the battery of the new car was not a great economic loss. Its usual price was about € 30-€ 90, a relatively affordable figure for any pocket.

Recharge the battery

It is a quite interesting alternative that consists, simply, in returning the energy to the battery using a specific tool or using the battery of another car. The most common is to recharge the battery using the clips. This method can be very useful at any time, but it is important to know the steps to avoid causing major damage to the vehicle. The clamps are used to transmit the energy from a charged battery to a discharged one. To carry out the operation successfully, it is essential that both batteries are of the same voltage and that both cars are switched off, separated and with the parking brake applied. Why do not you look for the 1960 nash metropolitan.

Next, these are the steps to use the car’s clamps correctly:

  • In the car with battery: place the clamps that have the red wire on the positive edge of the full battery (+)
  • In the car without a battery: place the other end of the red cable on the positive edge of the discharged battery (+)
  • In the car with battery: place the clamps that have the black cable on the negative edge of the full battery (-)
  • In the car without a battery: place the other end of the black cable in any metal part of the body or the chassis. Not on the battery.
  • Start the car with a battery and speed it up bit by bit for a couple of minutes. Then turn it off.
  • Start the car without a battery and leave it on for two minutes. Then turn it off.
  • Remove the clamps from the car in the opposite order to which you have placed them carefully so that they do not touch any metal part.
  • To prevent any battery failure from bothering us, it is advisable to make periodic revisions of it, especially when winter approaches.
  • These can happen due to factory defects, bad driving habits or simply wear with time.

1960 nash metropolitan a company that performs customer satisfaction analysis in various sectors, inform us which parts are replaced by more than one car, brands that give fewer problems with new vehicles and other data that help us evaluate the quality of the current automotive industry. For example, the latest study carried out by the consultant in 2016 shows Kia as one of the brands with fewer factory problems or Chrysler and Jeep as the ones with the most improvements. Another of the important studies that the marketing company has left us is that in which it indicated the 10 pieces of the car that are replaced the most during the first three years of operation.

When crossing these data with our own records, we find that some of the parts that are replaced coincide with the most used car spare parts, among these are batteries, oil filters, light bulbs and fuses, brakes and disks, spark plugs or handles and safe doors. As long as we take care of and supervise the vehicle periodically we can avoid spontaneous and annoying ruptures or lengthen the life of the parts of our car. But in case some of these elements fail and you need some of the most used car spare parts, you can go to 1960 nash metropolitan to find at a low price a substitute for the breakdown.

Most used car spare parts

As we mentioned before, the 1960 nash metropolitan parts that are requested the most often coincide with the parts that are most replaced. They are between them:

  • Battery: its main function is to transmit the energy necessary for the combustion engine to start. Other elements that work connected to the electrical system (more and more) like the GPS or the radio also depend on it.
  • Filters: whether the air conditioning or oil filters, all serve to prevent the passage of impurities that can damage other more important parts. The main reason why they are usually replaced is an obstruction.
  • Headlights, bulbs and fuses: the lighting system of the car is one of the most ephemeral since compared to the rest of the exterior of the vehicle is the most fragile elements. It is also very common to have to replace pilots due to the passage of time.
  • Tires and valves: they are sensitive to external factors that can cause ruptures or punctures in the rubber. They are also an element that naturally wears through its use and that must be replaced regularly.

Whatever the part we have to change and the reason why we should do it, 1960 nash metropolitan always have at our disposal authorized vehicle treatment centres where we have a wide range of spare parts for our car at a lower price than the factory price.