The shower stool are used by the people with low mobility since it provides support and comfort which will help them to wash or bathe themselves more conveniently. There are various types of shower stools which are available out there in the markets. Mentioned below are a few types of shower stools and their characteristic features.

The aluminum shower tool

  • Has high quality and a frame which is light in weight
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • The height can be adjusted for the comfort of the user
  • Mainly is used by the people with weak hand strength
  • Integrated drainage holes which helps in fast dispersal of water
  • It has a plastic moulded seat that has handles which are integrated which supports the user and also for portability.

The folding shower stool

  • It is sturdy, affordable and very comfortably shaped too
  • Plastic robust seat which helps in shedding off water quickly
  • The frame is resistant to corrosion
  • The folding design of the stool makes it very convenient for storage and for travel purpose
  • It has drainage holes for the easy dispersal of water
  • It also has a textured surface which reduces the risk of slipping off and falling down from the stool

The corner shower stool

  • Simple and effective for the bathroom aid
  • Provides a stable platform which increases the safety of the user
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Fast draining for the optimum comfort
  • Easy to keep clean
  • The height of the stool can easily be adjusted
  • It contains slats which are easy to clean
  • For safety purpose it consists of non – slip rubber ferrules

The extra wide shower stool

  • Adjustable height
  • Designed for bariatric users
  • It also has a feature of cross braced steel frame which provides strength
  • The backrest can be detached
  • The seat is perforated so that the water can shed off quickly
  • It can be easily cleaned since the seats have clips which can be taken off

The handicare shower stool

  • Made from non – corroding aluminum, stainless steel and polyurethane
  • It is sturdy and simple to use
  • It offers service of years without causing any hassels
  • It has height adjustable heights
  • Has a non – slip seat which quickly helps in shedding of water through its slat
  • The seats can be detached for easier cleaning
  • The shower floors will not be marked and helps in preventing of slip off this is due to the ferrules on each leg

The prima aluminum shower stool with arms and backrest

  • it is light weighted, strong and it is suitable to use in the wet environment too
  • made of non – corroding materials
  • the height of the stool can be adjusted
  • it can be easily dismantled when not in use and thus makes transportation and storage easy and convenient
  • it can also be easily assembled without any use of tools

What are the benefits of using a shower stool?

  • They are relaxing and help reduce stress: after having a long and tiring day sometimes all you need to do is take a hot shower to make this showering experience more comforting and relaxing. You can sit on the stool and get away with the tiredness of the long day that you’ve had.
  • They can be your support during times of pain or injury: the shower stool will be very useful if you are suffering from some pain or an injury. For instance if you have got your ankle sprained then you will find it tough to stand for a long time and take a shower, that is when a showering stool will come in use. Even in cases of chronic back pain these seats can let you enjoy a hot shower for a long period of time without causing much of discomfort.
  • They also provide an extra storage: some shower seats come with a shelf underneath, in which you can store your essentials like soaps, shampoos and other bathing products which can be easily accessible to you.
  • They are safe: considering kids and elders, this shower stool could actually be a benefit to them since they cut off the risk of slipping and falling down in the shower.

What are the common features of the shower stool?

  • The legs of the stool which have an adjustable height: some stools can be adjusted by moving a button up or down on the legs. The rest are adjusted by turning a screw which can be seen at the end of each leg of the stool. Fine – tuned adjustments can be made in order to accommodate the different heights of the floor of the shower.
  • Rotating seat of the shower stool: the person who considers this type of the stool must have good balancing skills since it requires sitting of the person on a seat which has a moving component.
  • Feet: most of the seats of the shower have a rubber feet that is attached at the end of each leg to prevent the seat from being slipped off when a person sits down. Some of the models have a suction cup style feet which can help in preventing the seat from slipping if they are being paired with the right surface of the floor. Even though the suction cups do not stick to the floor, the rubber surface prevents the stool from sliding.

Few considerations before getting yourself a shower stool

  • Stability: the stool that has 4 legs will be more sturdy and larger the base of the stool and the heavier it is, the more stable it will be.
  • No policy for returns: before purchasing this stool make sure you check on the features that you require, since in most cases there is no return policy available for the shower stools.

The 4 types of portable shower stools are the standard shower stool, the shower stool with a swivel seat, the foldable shower stool and the bariatric shower stools. These are suitable for mostly elderly people who find it difficult to bathe and also the people who have sever back pain or have an injury and cannot stand for a long time while bathing.