What is a professional facial cleaning that is done in the name of good facial Singapore and what is it for? Want answer for this, keep on reading! Good facial Singapore that is used in a timely manner to easily complement the daily beauty ritual. In order for the benefits they have to be truly effective, we must find the one that best suits each type of skin and contains the necessary assets that help improve the facial dermis. The skin of the face is exposed daily to the harmful action of external contaminating agents, the wind, the cold, the sun, the cigarette, the makeup, etc., which end up damaging its structure and preventing the process of cell regeneration and renewal is done properly.

For this reason, cleaning it deeply and leaving it free of impurities should be a beauty ritual for all of us if we want to look beautiful, soft and younger. If you still do not know very well what are all the benefits of facial cleansing for the skin, keep reading this article and convince yourself that it is a more than necessary treatment to always have an enviable complexion. “Facial masks offer benefits from the first application in just a few minutes,” allowing purifying, moisturizing or illuminating the area. These effects act in sensitive skins, as well as in dry and dehydrated skins, or mixed-fats.

What is a good facial Singapore?

As we have pointed out in the previous section, the ideal would be to go to an aesthetic centre and do a professional facial cleaning once a month, although it should be taken into account that the frequency of this treatment may vary depending on the type of skin. For example, those women with acne or very oily skin may need it once every 15 days or even once a week, in any case, the best thing is that you let yourself be advised by an expert or specialist. Good facial Singapore can last approximately between 50 minutes and 1 hour and a half and although each aesthetic centre can offer an adapted version, the common treatment consists in performing the following steps:

  • Facial cleansing: removes makeup and disinfects the face and neck by applying products that superficially clean the face. With steam, the pores are opened and with special products, all impurities are eliminated. These products are chosen according to each type of skin (dry, oily, mixed, etc.).
  • Massage: a soothing and relaxing massage is applied by applying gels or creams to close the pores and decongest the dermis.
  • Hydration and nutrition: the skin is hydrated with a face mask and a cream is applied to protect the face, as well as a sunscreen.

If desired, professional facials can include other treatments such as peels, application of glycolic acid, more special products, etc.

What is facial cleansing?

Application of cleansing and exfoliating products, black spots are extracted, lotions are applied to help close the pore and regulate the PH of the skin, moisturizers are applied with a facial massage and finally a specific mask for each type of skin.

Why do I have to do a facial cleansing periodically?

This cleaning allows the exfoliation of the superficial layer of the skin, eliminating the dead cells and impurities, stimulating the creation of new cells and leaving the skin softer, finer and brighter.

The main benefits of good facial Singapore are:

  • Slow ageing and the appearance of wrinkles
  • Remove impurities and dead cells
  • Helps remove blackheads and regulate acne
  • Stimulates the absorption of cosmetic products
  • The skin looks softer and smoother
  • A clean skin accepts and looks better makeup
  • Allows oxygenation of the skin

How many sessions do i have to do to achieve maximum results?

They vary according to the type of skin but are commonly performed once a month. Your face says a lot about you, and it’s the first thing you’ll notice in a first impression if you want it to inspire freshness, health and energy, give yourself a facial.

For what types of skin is good facial Singapore available?

The benefits for each skin are determined by the active ingredients of the face mask. The expert states what mask will be used depending on the characteristics of the dermis:

The dry skin: should use a moisturizing mask.

The acne skins: for them is indicated purifying and soothing mask.

The skin with redness: benefit from the use of a moisturizing and soothing mask.

Photo- ageing skins: they have to use a mask with antioxidants that illuminate and hydrate the skin.

The skins with spots: they need assets that unify the tone of the skin.

Different textures

The products used for a good facial Singapore is like a peel off the system, which is transformed into a thin transparent film as it dries, which allows it to be removed in one go. There are also masks impregnated in a fabric, also known as veil masks, which adapt to the skin and exert a more occlusive action. The expert recommends the masks in single dose format, since “they allow to test these cosmetics without big investments.” This product in small doses allows benefiting from the different assets of each mask until finding the one that suits the needs of each skin. The time has come to apply the mask. Apply it evenly on dry skin and let it act for several minutes. The waiting time will depend on the type of mask. Therefore, before using this product, it is advisable to inquire about its properties and methods of use recommended by each laboratory. While the mask acts on the skin you have to try to relax in order to obtain the best results.

The best facials are done at Singapore. So, the deal is not to miss any of the facial treatments as a good facial Singapore is offered there!