When talking about training, regularly, you have radical approaches to get results at the same level; however, this may result in something boring. So, if instead of always training on the same bike and on the same roads (even at the same free time), why not vary, even a little; and what better idea than to ride fixed gear bikes that will not only make you better cycling, but it will make you much stronger. Maybe because of its conditions, but if you are thinking of continuing with your winter training, a fixed gear bikes or fixie is a fairly stable option and you can drive like a steed to circulate around the city and urban circuits. It is true, may generate a host of reactions (from those who call you stupid, and even those who question you is irresponsible and dangerous, especially on the subject of braking). However, this may be an experience that you may wish to repeat.

Now, much more than looking for the justification about the integration between man and machine (the zen of cycling), what we assure you will really feel when riding a fixed gear bike for training is how your legs are torn to the maximum leaving you torn apart. But beyond those sensations, after a few sessions, the speed you get in legs will go far beyond what you had planned, and you will be able to take advantage of the power of your muscles. Therefore, now we offer you these tips to train with a fixed gear bikes or fixie bike.

Disciplined in your pedal stroke and cadence on a fixed gear bikes or fixie bike

A smooth and fast cadence is the most efficient way to drive. On the flanks and light descents, an established force will force you to turn your legs and develop a quick blow. While, in steeper descents your legs will learn to turn at super high speeds, which allows establishing excellent bases for the development of the sprint capacity.

With the address at the top end

To achieve an increase, there is no option to make changes down, so you must push out of your comfort zone and with power in hills. So, without the help of changes, every muscle that is involved in the practice of cycling will be recruited, consolidating not only the leg work, but also the rear, central and upper body sections.

Develop strength and speed on a fixed-gear or fixie bike

In addition to developing physical strength, you will also notice that an amazing number of slopes can be treated in this way obtaining higher average speeds and a devastating attack option. Even some longer climbs on a fixed-gear or fixie bike will allow you a full development; since, even when riding and pedaling out of the saddle, you will be building a specific force for cycling that no other gym workout could match.

Training on a fixie bike puts you on a line free of time limits

Once you start riding on a fixie machine, you’ll be surprised how much time you spend on it. Apart from crossing by descents, running on your own impulse, you can roll up to the traffic lights and take a furtive way at those times of the year that you are not doing anything.

In the end, a fixed-gear bicycle or fixie helps you gain kilometers, making it one of the most effective ways to train. And it is that, in a machine of fixed pinion, the hour that you realize of your house to the work can destroy your legs; while, the same time on a bicycle with changes, this would hardly be a warm up.

Improve driving skills

  • By training on a fixed gear bikes your instincts and skills of anticipation are further developed. Also, when training in a machine of this style that requires a greater degree of concentration.
  • The maintenance is very, very low. You have to keep the tires and the chain in good working order and, on a bicycle, ride on the road, hopefully, some kind of brake. That’s.
  • In most veldromes, you must ride a fixed-gear bicycle, so if you compete on a track, you have no other choice.
  • There is something to be said about how a fixed gear will force you to develop a smoother pedaling style since you simply cannot stop. Because of this, they are popular for ‘off-season’ training by serious road cyclists.
  • There is a certain segment of the population that loves simple and retro things. In addition to being possibly the most efficient people movement device that exists, the fixed gear bicycle can be an important fashion accessory.

Difficult to start / Is it hard to go fast?

Yes. In general, someone who has a place worthy of repair will have selected a team that works well for the terrain and the speed that he likes to ride. I have only mounted bicycles with fixed gears on the track, but I imagine that for an urban repairman, you would optimize at a fairly low speed, but someone who takes this more seriously can respond better.


  • It’s a harder job than a normal free center, your legs move constantly so there’s no rest.
  • Climbing hills without having to think about the selection of arts forces you to think about optimizing the effort
  • Going downhill is also difficult: turning your legs in a way that you can rarely achieve in a free center
  • This constant movement results in a much softer rhythmic pedaling style, which will have a beneficial effect on the cadence of your free cube
  • There are fewer components to maintain
  • As a consequence of the smaller number of components, the machine is lighter, so the experience is more receptive, which means that it can maintain speed more easily.
  • Traditionally, fewer people knew how to ride them, so it was alleged that they were less attractive to thieves.

In humid climates it can stop much more easily, the brakes / rims are obviously variable, but braking with the traction train is not impeded by wet conditions

If I had to summarize in one word: work. It’s a harder job, I spend more energy, I get more benefits from my training / travel miles.